Tungsten Alloys as per ASTM B777-07 (Also known as Mallory 1000, Densalloy, Fansteel 77 and Densimet)

Tungsten is alloyed with different elements such as nickel, copper, and iron to produce a large variety of tungsten alloys. Many of these alloys have engineering properties similar to steel, are relatively easy to machine, and can be plated or painted to enhance their corrosion protection. Tungsten Alloys are approximately 50% denser than lead resulting in a higher concentration of mass in a limited area. It is critical to understand the differences between the various tungsten alloys and grades, and the advantages and limitations of the processes use to make these alloys.

Tungsten Alloys have found wide acceptance in applications such as radiation shielding, medical equipment, boring bars, vibration dampening, sporting goods, as well as counterweights in aircraft and racing cars.

Ed Fagan Inc. stocks Tungsten Alloys per ASTM B777-07 in various grades with a variety of densities (17.00 GM/CC to 18.50 GM/CC) and various physical, magnetic, mechanical and chemical properties. However, it is very important to realize that the fabrication process for tungsten alloys does not lend itself to the manufacture of standard size forms (such as plate, sheet, long rod/bar, etc.), as one would expect with other alloys.

Ed Fagan Inc. specializes in solving the inventory management problems of our customers. When you need a standard stock Tungsten Alloy product quickly, we can have it shipped within 24 hours. And, all materials can be certified with shipment. If your Tungsten Alloy requirement is too small to be of interest to the large producers, we’ll use our buying power and expertise to source it for you. When you have a technical problem relating to a Tungsten Alloy product, our customers have access to in-house metallurgical specialists for assistance in design and cost reduction analysis. If you have an unusual requirement, for instance alloy, grade, shape, our sales people are very knowledgeable and can assist you.